Living in Nelson, BC, Canada, Ursula has over 40 years experience!

2023 is well underway, promising to be pivotal for many of you. I feel blessed to continue my readings -- Palmistry / Numerology / and Tarot -- ever learning and growing in these mystical arts, sharing the best of my knowledge of 45 years.

In Numerology, the year 2023 breaks down to a No. 7 (minus the zero). Don't underestimate the power of '7', for it sets in motion a three-year harvest, my friends, culminating in the '9' year cycle.

The No. 7 is about revelations, the mind is ignited, and you solve problems, often at lightning speed. It's a time of curiosity, discovery and planning, removing any blocks to progress. It is also about reflection, healing old wounds, and becoming interested in metaphysics or reigniting previous spiritual paths. Love relationships during this year will have a soul mate type vibe (a carryover from last year 2022), and spiritual unions abound!

2023 starts off with '2,2' and graduates to '3'. The double two is a '4' (2,3,4 sequence). By consistently laying down foundations in the first half of the year in whatever areas important to you, it will guarantee amazing success in the second half of 2023!

No. 7 is a magical number, evident in cycles of nature: 7 days of the week x 4 = one month. There are 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 diatomic elements of science, 7 notes of the musical scale, the 7 chakras, the 7-year itch, 7 oceans and 7 continents...the list goes on.

Other significant themes are: travel or moving, technology and research, Internet, a new passion for the great outdoors, and committing to new routines that help your body, mind and soul. Business start-ups will succeed with careful planning. This is all in prep for the '8' year in 2024, where your bounty arrives. But that's another story.

You will soon see how this gets better and better in the next three years to come! Coupled with your personal year numbers based on your name and DOB, will add a new layer to a personalized reading. There's something magical in how events unfold in 2023.

If interested in a private session, please read on, AND don't forget...a unique gift idea for family and friends! Just ask me for a gift certificate.

On this site, everyone can share in the remarkable knowledge of these ancient arts/sciences, where much of the written works here have never been published before.  Whether you are experienced or novice in these fields, or just curious, the following articles will not only enrich your life with helpful insights, but also entertain you with amusing tales and intriguing stories from the many clients that sat at the reading table under my faithful reading lamp.

Sending love and light,

Ursula Dyck



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