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How can you tell anything from looking at the lines in the palms?   I mean, aren't they just creases from moving and grasping things?

Do you ever see negative or upsetting events while reading hands?  If yes, what do you say?

Can your lines tell how long you are going to live?

How can I send my palm prints after I make a payment?

What does Clairvoyant mean?

What does it mean when you repeatedly see the number 11:11?

Do you provide gift certificates?

Do you have a privacy policy?

How can you tell anything from looking at the lines in the palms? I mean, aren’t they just creases from moving and grasping things?
This is a question worthy of many books. Lines begin forming in the early fetal stage of pregnancy and continue to change over the course of our lifetime. Just by grasping and flexing the palms cannot be the sole reason for your lines.

People who use their hands a lot tend to have fewer lines, such as in farming and construction work. On the other hand, the accountant, lawyer, administrator or librarian, or anyone engaging in constant mental activity (and little physical work) has many fine lines running through the palmer surface.

The human hand contains 27 bones, 48 nerves, and over 100 ligaments and various muscle groups.  There are at least 1,300 nerve endings and thousands more tactile sensory points so advanced that even a tiny hair follicle registers a response to and from the brain.

A marvel of engineering that set us apart from the animal kingdom in a special way is the ability to rotate the (opposable) thumb across the palm and touch the little finger.  No other animal can do this, a feature that developed over 3 million years ago following our human ancestor "Lucy", whose remains were discovered in Ethiopia in 1974.

Our hands are more than a bundle of nerves, muscles, bones, and skin. They are the expression of our innate spirit, receiving and giving messages constantly, extending outwards to hold, touch, and support. Many studies show that the influence of the mind and emotions have a direct connection to the formation of the lines. It’s as if your subtler emotional and mental patterns create neurological pathways that feed into the hands. Just as a flowing river forges its path to the sea, your consistent traits and repetitive motions can leave their imprints on the palms.

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Do you ever see negative or upsetting events while reading hands?  If yes, what do you say?
It is unethical to foretell straight away an event that is deemed negative, and it's best to approach a sensitive subject with with considerable caution.

Once a man in his early 40s came to me with markings in his hands that showed clues of pending heart problems. I inquired if there were any heart issues in his family, to which he replied there were on both sides.

A professional reader would not attach a certainty to an event, but would guide and advise in a manner to indicate tendencies only, and never to alarm or frighten. How I approached my subject was by telling him that he had some signs of heart weakness, and since he was still doing well, he would be advised to take whatever precautions to avoid the same path inherent in his family. I also reminded him that lines can change to reflect personal changes in one's life and that indications shown in the hands are only that -- indications of a potential problem, not considered set in stone. Several years later, this man visite his doctor who indeed discovered a small blockage in his heart. His condition was subsequently treated with surgery shortly after.

Interpreting health issues is a complex area, and many of the signs are indications only. Also there is disagreement among palmists about medical signs in the palms. Palmistry readings should never replace your health professional or physician’s care and opinion.  Even so, your hands will provide telling clues of lifestyle conditions and your overall health.

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Can your lines tell how long you are going to live?
I have encountered correlations between palmer markings and illness and death, which I will share in future updates in the Step-by-Step section, but simply put, it is not ethical to proclaim outright how long anyone is going to live, even if they ask you.  However, you can advise on the general quality of the Life Lines combined with other markings.

To ascertain directly a person’s point of death is simply reckless and may not be correct. A palmist should never predict death to the client or say something like, “you are going to die of a heart attack” at such and such age, for one should never assume one’s point of death.

More importantly, a reader runs the risk of unecessarily worrying the client to the point of negative interfering.  This is one area where discretion is the better part of valour.

Traditionally and still today, some palmists rely a great deal on the Life Line alone to determine length of life. Yet I have seen long Life Lines with people who have passed away suddenly, and I have seen short and twisted Life Lines on those who far exceeded the time allotted to its length.

I read a young lady many years ago whose hands had short Life lines, just past the half-way point in both palms. She was in a loveless marriage with an alcoholic and physically abusive partner. Shortly after she bore a daughter, she managed to escape this cycle and relocate to another city. She eventually regained her self-esteem, built up her career and found new love. Twenty years later, her Life Lines in both hands grew two inches!
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How can I send my palm prints after I make a payment?

After making a payment, you will receive an email confirmation with brief instructions on how to send your palm prints and personal information, such as:     

1. Clear photocopies of both palms, by mail, or digital pics (ensure outdoor lighting) by email
2. Indicate whether you are right or left-handed
3. Current name and birth certificate name
4. Date of Birth
5. Brief background about your enquiries
6. A recent photo of you (by email)

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Sample quality of digital pics from your camera or Smarphone:


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What does clairvoyant mean?
I discovered my clairvoyance in my early teens and enjoy helping others by using these gifts in all my readings. Whether I see a vision, sense an upcoming event, or give a message, people often relate to the imagery or advice on a deep personal level. Clairvoyance comes from the French word "clair" for "clear" and "voyant" roughly means "vision of the future".

The term ‘psychic’ relates to the broader spectrum of sensing, describing images in the present and the past, and even giving names, for example. A psychic may give all sorts of fantastic information about your life.

But when it comes to future predictions, some psychics are highly skilled, while others do so less accurately. Why? Because it is in the realm of a different sort of 'sensing'. A clairvoyant uses the skill of 'seeing into the future' sense, where visions may describe what a person is doing. The clairvoyant gives a visual image of a point or place in time.

For instance, many years ago a woman consulted me for a reading and asked when her house would sell, as she had recently put it on the market. I ‘saw’ her standing by a river and swirling a stick in its waters, and I asked if this had any meaning for her. She replied that she often likes to walk by the river that ran through the bottom of her property.

A few months after her reading, she phoned me excitedly to tell the good news on the sale of her house. On the very day she sold her house, she told me that she had been standing by the river swiriing a tree branch in the waters when suddenly her realtor showed up to tell her that her house had just sold and to come right away to sign the contract. 

Clairvoyant messages come in many forms and in this case, instead of seeing a contract or a sale sign, I saw her doing an action that coincided with the exact time of her news.

We all have these 'para' senses, and many of us have experienced that 'something' in a way so unusual or intriguing that it cannot be explained readily with our normal sensing.  They guide us in our decisions, warn us of impending danger, even change our directions at the right moment, sometimes with dramatic and positive results!
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What does it mean when you repeatedly see the number 11:11?
Many people have experienced this odd connection with 11:11, and while theories and ideas abound on the subject, observers have noticed several coincidences to the time that it appears.

There is something intriguing about numbers like 11:11 when it repeatedly pops up for a short stay and then goes away, that even the staunchest non-believer takes notice.

Considering its ‘double 11’, the energies are changeable, exciting, or alternating and indecisive. It’s a sign that something is ‘in the air’ and you may receive intuitive or clear messages about how to move forward in the near future.

The meaning of 11:11 is to connect with your inner thoughts, they are trying to tell you something, perhaps warn you of difficulties ahead. You may receive divine help or protection or in some way sense a heightened awareness of your environment. In its simple form, 11:11 is an auguring of something to come into your life and to proceed with care in all your actions, since changeability and flux are almost certain. There is the element of magic and surprise around it all.
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Do you provide gift certificates?
Yes, please contact me directly to let me know what kind of certificate you wish to purchase.  Either email me at or call (250) 888-8981, and I will mail you a certificate, including instructions for the recipient on how to make an appointment.  

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. Your entire reading is considered private and confidential. Your personal information is not advertised on the Web and your private information is not sold or shared with anyone.

With your permission, I can add you to my mailing list, and if you wish to unsubscribe at any time, simply email me with "Unsubscribe" in the subject heading, and I will remove you from the list immediately.

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