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Let's face it!  We are all fascinated with the rich and famous personalities of today.  And equally intriguing are the notorious people of our past, where a glimpse into their hands reveal remarkable insights into who they were.  Be sure to visit this site frequently, as we will continue to add personages from all walks of life, from the movers and shakers to inventors, scientists, musicians, artists and actors of our past and of today.

The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful in Barack Obama’s Hand

Barack Hussein Obama is left-handed (shown by his signature writing) and he was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.  Here is an example of his right hand, which is very useful in determining his inner self and the potential he possesses.  Even from his right hand, there are a number of features that show readily his rise to success and power, to a man of great destiny and responsibility.

There are also a few key areas he needs to watch out for in his political aspirations and in his health!


The Good: 
First of all, the hand is longish and of the 'Water' type, which speaks of eloquence, self-reflection, and of an exacting detailed mind.

The Fate Line ends at his highly-curved Heart Line, showing that he is truly inspired by whatever cause he undertakes, and that his life is guided by emotion. 

His thumb is slender and supple, so he acts quickly on his ideas and works well with others, and is willing to bend and compromise when necessary.  This is a good sign for the President of the United States!

He does not care so much for personal power as he does for fame and influence (forefinger shorter than his ring finger). It’s his long ring finger and Apollo Line that gives him the magnetism, charm and showmanship that he has, and it also makes him popular and fortunate in his undertakings.  Obama is definitely concerned with his public image and how he is perceived by others, simply from this one feature alone.

His long, clear Fate Line in a hand of few lines, point to a singular and steady direction, financial security, and a strong sense of life purpose.  His path was carved out early in life, and he is deeply influenced by close family ties and ancestral history.

But wait! A new Fate/Influence Line changes his life direction in his early 30s, forcasting a time of rapid advancement, both in public and in private life. That was the time when he married First Lady Michelle Obama and when he began his community activist roles. This Influence Line co-joining the Fate Line traditionally indicated that influence and success would come through the opposite sex.

His foreign policies will have some successes because of his charisma and far-reaching ideals, but it’s in his domestic arena where he will advance his policies the most and have the greatest achievement. He will prove to have a surprising and powerful foreign ally emerge around age 52, and the alignment will turn out to be most helpful for the American people.  And strange as it may seem, it's through a foreign ally that his domestic policies can take hold around this time period.

The slightly diminishing Life Line veers inward towards the base of the palm. He may feel less vitality in his 60s, but he will feel more contented within, as he surrounds himself with a strong network of family, political allies, and friends.  His strong Mars Line will give him rebound energy and the chance at longevity of life.

His marriage should last his lifetime, and there are likely no more children. First Lady Michelle could very well pursue a more prominent career agenda, yet she will always be supportive of Obama. By the way, I’ve noticed her right hand’s Mercury finger sticks out from the others. This means a fiercely guarded private life.


The Bad:
His long and knotty fingers reveal his tendency to become worrisome, nitpicky, and too exacting about inconsequential matters.

Risk-taker?  Indeed.  And that can be a good thing.  But with his strong Apollo Line and ring finger, and wide gap between Head and Life Lines, he will take risks with life, money, and his ideals and therefore should guard himself against a sense of self-glory and over-optimism.

The three dark callouses on Obama's hand under his fingers show unresolved tensions within, possibly emotional restraints, a camouflaging of certain feelings. There may not be enough fluid intake in his diet. These callouses are usually seen on trades people who work a lot with their hands in a repetitive motion. They are a build-up of calcium deposits, and by massaging them each day may help to break them down and allow the body to absorb and dissipate these deposits over time.

His curvy Heart Line and wide separation of Head and Life Lines means he has high expectations of himself and of others, and also reveals a rash, impulsive side. With the Fate Line ending at the Heart Line could mean he is guided by too much emotion at times.  If he is not careful, problems could result from this in his early 50s, especially since his Fate Line hugs close to a slightly diminishing Life Line. An excess of cares and woes or negative emotion could threaten his better judgment, and he might just retreat for a while during his early 50s.

There may be a burden of sorts that affects his energy in his mid 50s, yet he bears the Mystic Cross with determination and inner guidance to steer him safely to port. In one way, he will be at the height of his ‘game’. In another way, he feels the burden the most in his mid 50s.  This is the peak of his career, a moment of reckoning, a meeting with destiny, and a chance to make his policies more permanent, too.

The Mystic Cross is usually in the form of an 'X', but in his case, it is clearly upright like the cross of Calvary, which reminds me of the sacrifices he may have to make as he moves through his presidency.  The Mystic Cross is the sign of extra-special psychic perception, which he could use to his advantage at the right opportune moments.

His health may be challenged in his early 60s, affected by tension in his back, shoulders and legs. His Head Line fades somewhat towards its end, which could create fuzzy thinking in his later years.


The Beautiful:
His latter years are marked with greater contentment where he continues to express his writings and to champion community efforts. He may become more interested in photography, biographies of interesting people, astronomy, and world architecture. He enjoys both old-world and modern works of art and could develop the touch of the eccentric in his senior years, whereas artistic pursuits are concerned.

His Venus and Mars mounts are strong and the Mars Line is present, which reveals an energetic spirit and a healthy sexuality. There is an erotic element in him, with the exaggerated Apollo finger and his curvy Head Line dipping into Mount of Luna. He is a very visual individual! 

His appreciation for the Arts and for the beautiful in life will incite him to build constructs that house philanthropic, educational and creative pursuits.

At the heart, he is a philosopher, philanthropist, and a poet. And he most certainly stands for leadership, concrete results, and social upliftment! 

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