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How it Began

Why Ursula Dyck chose Palmistry and Numerology as her studies is harder to explain beyond her sheer fascination for them. Her passion for palms began when she was 8 years old, when she would gaze into her hands and wondered what all those lines meant.

In her early 20’s, she began reading in a tearoom that was part of a Scottish bakery (Earl & Martel), and it was here where she developed her skills both in Palmistry and Numerology.  Shortly after, she had the fortunate occurrence to learn under the tutelage of Andrew Fitzherbert, author of numerous books on Palmistry and paranormal subjects.  She is most grateful for his friendship, his vast knowledge and perspectives that had been shared, and for kindling a love and fascination for both the mystical and scientific aspects of Palmistry.

Her clairvoyant gift surfaced early in life where she was able to ‘see things’ in advance before they happened, providing another level of insight to her readings. What began as a discovery of her unique gifts grew quickly into many years as a full-time consultant, helping thousands of clients from all walks of life.   

Ursula’s clairvoyance coupled with 45 years of practical experience have made her a reputable palmist, lecturer, TV personality and author.

Some of Ursula's accomplishments include:

Guest appearance and ‘live’ demonstrations on TV Ontario’s Magic Shadows, hosted by Elwy Yost, longtime host of Saturday Night at the Movies.

Host and Co-producer (with Alexander W. Samchuk, aka Padma Samchuk) of the popular cable TV show, Psychic World in Toronto, Ontario, which ran for six years on Graham Cable TV. This live, weekly program explored psychic and spiritual concepts, paranormal phenomena, and traditional and alternative healing methods. The program included special guests such as Robert Anton Wilson, author of Cosmic Trigger, and a live phone-in section for viewer questions.

Author of booklet “Palmistry, a Reflection of You”, an in-depth beginner’s course which formed the basis for her palmistry tutorials on how to read your own hands.

Writer of the weekly newspaper column called “Life Lines”, produced and written with illustrations, in Nelson, BC. This became very popular with readers of all ages, due to her ‘easy reading’ style and story-telling features.

Editor of four booklets written by Alex Samchuk, published by Art House in Toronto, Ontario in 1984: Auras, Seeing Auras, The Urges of Man, and Thoughts. A number of TV skits were also produced and aired on 1st Choice Movie Channel for the Great Canadian Shorts contest:  Psychic Computer, Kiss Kiss, and Telepathic Relations in Toronto, Ontario.

Ursula lectured at many seminars across Canada for professional and social functions, such as Professional Business Women’s Club, Single Parents Association, and the Rotary Club.

Apart from conducting private and group readings, she traveled extensively throughout Canada and parts of the U.S. reading thousands of hands along the way. She collected many books on the subject, some of which are collector’s items dating back to the 19th century. She has collected hundreds of inked handprints and photocopies, too, as part of her own research into this intriguing art/science.

Ursula continues to provide consultations in person and via telephone and e-mail. She currently lives in Nelson, BC, Canada.



You foretold me that I would move out of West and I never believed it, but here I am. I don’t know how you do it, but many things you said were so dead on. I hope to have another reading with you as soon as I get settled.” 
~ Jay F., Portland, OR 2006

"I was very impressed with your reading last month and I could not believe how so accurate you were about something I have not told anyone about. How did you do that? This was my first time ever to have my palms read and I enjoyed your reading a lot.” 
~ Jeanne S., Castlegar, BC 2007


"I just wanted you to know how very special you are in my life. I've always wanted to acknowledge how instrumental you were to me -- because of you, I have developed a passion for palmistry. In the past several years, I've been collecting old palmistry books and I find them so interesting. Probably the lack of political correctness is what I find most humourous.

I've kept all of the notes from our original class and they have travelled with me to Japan where I lived for 3 years teaching English. I taught all 325 students at the high school palmistry basics in English .. that was a lot of fun!

True to your readings, I have one son and one daughter. Dillan just started grade 9 at an arts-based high school majoring in violin. Marina started grade 6 also at an arts-based middle school. Thank you so much for introducing me to a wonderful art.”
~ Taeko Y., Toronto, ON 2008


“I am so grateful for your guidance when I was confused with my life. You helped me a lot with my personal problems, especially about immigrating to Canada. You are so accurate and I am amazed. Thank you so much.”
~ Yoko G., Victoria, BC 2011

"I didn't know what to expect out of my reading with you, but let me tell you that you have surpassed my expectations. You have a great way of talking to people and a very nice voice when you tell things. You create empathy with the person you are reading. You’re very intuitive and you get the person’s attention or disarm them, because you tell the person important unique details in the first 5 minutes of the reading.”   
~ Sylvie L., Nelson, BC 2005

"I met you over 20 years ago. You did some palm readings for me, and everything you predicted came through. Your readings are amazingly accurate. Even now, your predictions are coming to pass. But I want to say how so helpful you were in your advice about my business I had at the time. Thanks so much.”
~ Claude M., Los Angeles, CA 2010

"Everything you said to me in the two previous readings became a reality. Thank you for your advice about my health and relationship with B., which was very helpful. You gave me hope and you helped me to get through those tough years. I can’t wait to get another reading from you as soon as I am back from my travels overseas.”
~ Frieda M., Munich, Germany 2009

"Ursula is naturally gifted, honest and takes her time with her readings. She is highly accurate, in fact shockingly so and has been very precise with my readings 2 years ahead from the day she read my palm. She has a knack for picking out important things from the past and was able to predict my financial situation-saying in complete certainty that I would be "getting the money that was owed to me in two amounts".

And she was also spot on about the man I am now seeing whom she said was, "out of the charts in terms of being romantic". She was also right about eventually getting my Masters! And Ursula goes right down into details. The last time I saw Ursula, she went way past the time I had booked for. Confirming what I knew from the very beginning. She is legitimate, passionate about her work and is truly, truly a special soul."
~ Denise F., London, UK 2013

"Thank you so much for sending me the tape; I've just listened to it and the information you gave me is truly amazing and accurate. As you said, the CAT scan would be fine and it was. Waiting for the result was much easier after I spoke with you. Many, many thanks.

The information and insight you have given me will help me so much in moving forward on my life's path. What you have is a rare gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.  With warmest wishes."
~ Laurel B., Victoria, BC 2013

"Thank you for the reading. It was truly insightful. I'm amazed about how accurate some of the details were about me. It really gave me a different perspective to think about. I know this reading will help me in my future decisions. Thank you once again."
~ Cheers, Ankit S., California, USA 2017

"You probably won't remember, but we met in person, in Toronto probably more than 30 years ago for a reading. It was at your home, you were married, and I remember you had a few children. Then the next time we had a reading I moved to Vancouver... then I found you online. I was so happy to find you again! You are the best astrologer / psychic I have ever met! And I've met many-many psychic/card readers!! YOU are my go-to!! xo."
~ Sandra L, Toronto, ON 2022

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